Symposium on 3D Object Retrieval 2024 (3DOR'2024)
3DOR 2024 will be held in HYBRID format (in-person and virtual) in Santiago, Chile, on 26th and 27 August
Hosted by the Department of Computer Science, University of Chile

About 3DOR

3DOR is the dedicated workshop series for methods, applications and benchmark-based evaluation of 3D object retrieval, classification, and similarity-based object processing. In 2024, the 3DOR will be organized as a Symposium with the ambition to attract a larger number of participants. The symposium also includes the 2024 edition of the 3D Shape Retrieval Challenge (SHREC), keynotes, project presentations, and a social and networking event. Accepted full papers will be published in Computers & Graphics Journal (Elsevier), and accepted short papers will appear in the Eurographics Digital Library.

A list of previous 3DOR workshops is available here.


The Shape Retrieval Challenge is an initiative to help encourage the development of datasets and techniques to evaluate the performance of shape retrieval methods. Since its origin in 2006, SHREC has expanded and has welcomed related evaluative works on classification, correspondence, and segmentation.

Graphics replicability stamp initiative

Additionally, authors are encouraged to submit their code and data to obtain a replicability stamp. For information see here.